Welcome to the CIS Canteen.


Meat free Mondays

Menu week 20

Monday: Meatless Ratatouille

Tuesday: Mussaka Eggplant
Allergies: Lactose

Wednesday: Chicken curry / Fried rice
Allergies: Lactose, chili

Thursday: Fish cake / Onion quiche
Allergies: Gluten, lactose and egg

Friday: Porchetta / Baked Potato

Simply Cooking A/S

Simply Cooking A/S was founded in 2000 by Martin Haugaard Zielke, a trained chef from the restaurant Kong Hans Kælder.

Today he’s the Creative Director and developer of Simply Cooking’s core areas, canteen, lunch arrangements, catering and cooking schools. Martin’s great passion for healthy food, have driven Simply Cooking forward to what it is today.

Simply Cooking operates 13 different canteens in Copenhagen with more than 7,500 guests every day.